Baby /36 is a powerful PC Based RPG II development, execution, and operating environment for the migration of System /36 applications to a PC, standalone or network environment without the need for any redevelopment. This provides a faster, more powerful operating environment for your System /36 legacy systems, while adding PC User friendliness and data that is standard ASCII, meaning it is accessible by other PC software.
Baby /36 provides other real advantages over the System /36:
Improved system performance and end user response time
No more high cost midrange system upgrades
Lower your maintenance and operations costs
Integrate your RPG II application data with existing PC applications
Baby /36 Run-time Components, designed to replicate System /36 counterparts include:
Sign-On Security
Classic OCL (Operations Control Language) environment
Print Spooler
Job Queue
Multi-user support (including advanced record locking)
Source Entry Utility
Data File Conversion Utility
Baby /36 Development adds the following Components:
RPG II Compiler
Screen Format Generator
Data File Utility
Screen Design Aid
Development Support Utility
Data Exchange Utility
An Automated Conversion System Utility is also available.

California Software Also provides the following products to connect PC's to an A/S 400 or migrate A/S 400 data or applications to run on a PC based network:
Baby /4xx Client/Server
A PC network based Client/Server solution that runs RPG/400 applications on PC's using data files resident on an AS/400 server.
Baby /4xx
A PC network based runtime and development environment for the migration of RPG/400 code to a PC or PC Network.
Baby /4xx Desktop Developer
An entry-level version of Baby /4xx with the same features and functionality but scaled for the single user.
Dominion Systems has years of experience converting legacy systems and/or data for use on the PC. For more information on California Software's Baby products or assistance in migrating your System /36 or A/S 400 systems please complete the form below or contact us. As a Wyse Authorized Winterm Partner Dominion Systems will assist in any way possible.

For more information, please visit the California Software Homepage.

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